Im currently working on a lot on the same time, and part of this are sprites, all kind of it.

Looking at it with a white background in browser won't let it look good so you best try it in your game. 

On World Characters

Maybe this will become my main on world character sprite format because I'm not a fan of Chibi Stuff. Maybe I will change into something bigger with more frames or a higher resolution.

I only made one for now, but if someone is interested to use it, its free to use. You will need a extra Plugin for using this, as standard animations are 3 frames. The plugin is linked in the Button below.


This character is a small one thats smaller than the basic sprite, I dont like it that much and I will retry it sometimes. Its free to use too. ANd no need for a plugin.

Animated ambient

This here are 4 Tiles for wheat and carrots to create more interesting farms and that got animated. They are included in my base Tileset but this extra image is used to have it animated, moved by some sort of wind for a nicer farming stuff.

I only made 2 crops so far and you can use them for free in you game and I will add more later on.

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