You want to use some of the ressources?

First of all, if you like it that much, that you decide you want to use something I made, I would be really happy, and to make it easier for you to decide if it fits your game, I will post some samples here that you can download and look if you want that in your game. Of course you cant just use everything for free cause it took some work, and I would like a reward too, but if i write down on something, its free to use, then you are allowed to use it.

All samples are of course free to use as well

This is a sample of Icons, just rename it IconSet in your system forlder in your MV Game and pick some Icons.
The original file is avaible for sale and all Icons are shown in the Link below:

If my tileset reaches a somehow near final stage I will start selling it, but for now you can use it and look if it fits and idk, don't use it in commercial games without giving me something, cause I have put some effort in it.

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