What I can offer you

If you want to use some of my ressources, some are free, some will cost you a little bit. If you want to use my icon set I sell it for 9 Euro and I will add up to 3 Icons of your choice, if you need more Icons or just  a few I will make per 1 Euro 1 Icon and for 2 Euro the doubled Size (64x64)

My Tileset is buyble too. I will charge 16 Euro but Future Updates will be free of charge and I will work on this for much longer to make a really nice diversitiv tileset. Will give up to 3 Tiles if you buy it too. Every 48 Tile will be in charge of 1,5 Euro. If you order more on the same time I can give you discount. Like if you order 8 Things i will make 10 for the same price.

Just contact me per E-Mail. Have a nice day!


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